Battletome: Sons of Behemat

Battletome: Sons of Behemat

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This 96-page hardback book contains:


– A heavy helping of background information on the Sons of Behemat, including their ancient history, rambunctious relationship with smaller races, and legendary figures such as King Brodd

– Epic artwork showcasing the scale and sheer destructive potential of roaming bands of gargants

– 8 (really big) warscrolls and pitched battle profiles, including the Beast-smasher Mega-Gargant and priestly King Brodd

– Rules for 4 different Tribes, plus command traits, artefacts of power, battle traits, and three new monstrous rampages exclusively for Mega-Gargants

– Path to Glory campaign rules for roaming freely across the Mortal Realms, with unique systems and a new battleplan for use in narrative play

– Matched play rules, with 4 grand strategies, 6 battle tactics, and 2 core battalions to choose from

– Mercenary rules for adding Mega-Gargants to other armies

– A showcase that highlights the myriad details and options included on Sons of Behemat models, with painting guides to inspire your own projects


This battletome contains a one-use code to add the book to your digital library in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App.